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No matter which mail services you prefer, you have to learn how to interact with an email interface, such as composing mail, Inbox, etc. Email support Phone Number ,According to the service provider the email interface look and feel different but almost all mail has work essentially in the same way. Let’s have a look on Common feature of Email: These are the some common feature in the email services. Many service provider are available in the market with some special feature, choose your service according to your

 Online storage space varies from hundreds of MBs to hundreds of GB.
 Sending multiple important files as attachments at the single time.
 Spam filtration for junk and unwanted emails.
 Virus scanning of attached files to ensure the security of users.
 Using more secure and latest web and email protocols to keep email users
protected against phishing and hacking threats.
 Higher levels of encryption.
 Email access through web and third party clients.
 Some of the service providers are offering their apps to make it more convenient to
access emails through tabs and mobiles.
 Sending SMS or text messages from your inbox.
 Socializing features.

 Auto responder Service
 Catchalls

The Common Technical issue which has faces by customer through E-mail
Now a day’s E-mail is very common and essential identity for everyone. So if you are a
E-mail user you must be encounter with some problem at any stage of your working life.
These are the some common problem faces by people:
Email support phone number 1-800- 793-5007
 Non–responding email service
 Problems with sending and receiving of emails
 Missing emails
 Missing contacts
 Third party client problems
 Attachment option is not working properly
 POP3 and IMAP configuration problem
 Lost password
 Account blocked
 Compromised account
 Handle E-mail clutter
 Issue with handling old and irrelevant mail.
 Organizing New Correspondence…etc